Frequently Asked Questions

What is ZoombaClix

We are one of a kind advertising, marketing and promotion platform for all users around the world! Join us to advertise and/or earn from various activities like viewing websites, promoting other programs, participating in contests. Growing your Twitter, Youtube or Facebook presence! There are plenty of ways to benefit with ZoombaClix, whether you are just starting or an experienced promoter, with the ZoombaClix Platform you can take you website, project or business to the next level!

Members Questions

  • What is PTC Ads?

PTC Ads are an advertisement delivered by advertiser. View PTC Ads and earn various rewards. Earning amount can vary depending on advertiser. Members with upgraded account status earn more from each advertisement. You can view PTC Ads only once per day. This brings more exposure for both our members, as well as advertisers. Maximizing the ZoombaClix Platform.

  • What is a Referral?

Referral is a member just like you who has registered after viewing our website delivered to him by one of our already registered members. You can too invite others to join our program and receive benefits from your own referrals. Every time your own referrals view advertisements, you receive a piece of their earnings. More referrals means more money for you!

Upgraded members receive more benefits from their referrals, like bigger share from their viewed ads, commissions from their purchases!

Please note: Referral viewed ads commissions are added by full number bases. That means if your commissions are 10% and referral views 5ZBA ad, your commissions would be 0.5ZBA, in that case you will not receive commissions, if member viewing 12ZBA ad, your 10% would be 1.2ZBA, in this case you will receive 1ZBA in commissions, and so on... This only refers to viewed ads commissions but not purchase commissions. Purchase commissions for your referrals are paid in full.

  • Deposits/Withdraws

Deposits: ZoombaClix instantly accepts 25+ cryptocurrencies.

Withdraws: Withdraws will be reviewed and processed within 24hrs.

Advertisers Questions
  • How to advertise my own program here?

Just register new account with us. Once you have logged in, please visit advertise section and chose your favorite way to advertise, market or promote.

  • What are benefits of Ad Packs?

You will receive not only massive exposures to your advertised program, but also, you will gain your money back, plus additional bonus from us just for advertising with us. Your advertisement will be seen only one time per member, that gives best result to your program in relation of new clients! Please note that this return will be credited to you after your advertisement is fully completed.

  • What are benefits of Banner Ads?

Advertising banner is one of most efficient advertisement options. This is the best way to show your project to the world. You can receive tens of thousands exposures and so this is proven to be most successful advertising option. With ZoombaClix Banner Ads - not only will you receive quality results, you also get up to 130% of your advertisement cost back. Return depends on users interest in your banner, so money return can vary.

  • What are benefits of PTC Ads?

If you want super fast results for your ad, PTC advertising is the best option for you. This is instantly approved advertisement so it will be displayed for user instantly after you complete your purchase. PTC ad does not offer return, but members can visit your advertisement once every day and so it is the best way to get fast and guaranteed result for your advertising project!


Advertiser Package Return Questions

  • Up To 130% ROI On PTC Ads

By advertising your project with ZoombaClix Ad Packs you are entitled to receive a return from your spent amount of up to 130%. ROI directly depends on clicks/views and interest and may vary. Please note that your advert will be clicked only once per each member.

  • Up To 130% ROI On Banner Ads

Banner advertisement return will directly depend on user clicks/views it receives before ad is completed. That means ROI will be calculated by clicks/views it receives compared with total amount of clicks/views purchased. So final percentage return will vary and can be even none if your banner does not receive any clicks/views from our members. Just to note it is VERY unlikely as we do make best efforts to place your banner ads in front of our members eyes.

  • When Return will be credited?

Banner or Ad Pack returns will be credited to your account balance once fully completed. That means that if you have purchased 1000 clicks for your ad - full return will be credited to your account balance when last member clicks/views your ad and there are no more views left. The same goes for banner ads. When there are no more credits left, banner return will be credited to your balance.

  • Can my ad be removed?

Yes. If you have placed ad that does not meet our terms of services agreement, it will be automatically removed and no refund will be given. If you are caught constantly violating our terms your account will be permanently suspended without right to recover and all stats will be removed.

  • Can I use my purchase balance to advertise?

Yes you can. In fact the only option to buy ads is from purchase balance. You can increase purchase balance by depositing funds from your wallet or by transferring from your main balance.


General Questions

  • Do you have upgraded memberships?

Yes. By providing our members with the option to upgrade their membership, they then have the ability to earn more! As well, this allows Advertisers the ability to save on their marketing and promotion!

  • Do I need to purchase membership to withdraw?

NO. Absolutely no deposit or fresh money investment is requested from our members. ZoombaClix is a free-to-paticipate program and anyone who has reached the minimum withdraw amount can request their funds. Please note that there are paid services, but those services are an option and are not required to participate with ZoombaClix.

  • What is the minimum withdraw amount?

Minimum amount you have to hold in your main balance in order to request withdraw is $5.00. Please note there may be withdraw fees deducted when you choose to withdraw. Please check withdraw setting carefully before submitting.

  • Can my friends or family join?

Yes, as long as he/she have their own computer or device and are registering from an unique IP address. We allow only one account per person, device or ip address. Please note: any attempts to create more then one account will result in permanent all of your accounts termination!

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